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Posted on July 9, 2020 at 12:07 PM Comments comments (347)
I started social isolating couple of weeks before the government announced it. My thoughts were that my life is connected with my nuclear family and extended family and if I kept face to face appointments I will definitely put them at risk. I also notice patients coming for appointments and saying that they just had a head cold or sinuses were playing up and I had no way to check if it was anything else. So best thing was stop face to face consultations.

When I stated on-line sessions, there was a lot of resistance but as time went by they warmed up to the idea and I had had some practice in working online as well. I found I built more rapport with patients as we explored together the online world and saw each other in the home environment.

I found some patients opening up a little bit more and we started sharing our fears and strategies to adapt to covid-19.

I suddenly realised, I had been working so much that my house was in chaos. By being home, I started giving attention to the house and turning it to a home. I was having more family time, meals became regular and the garden was suddenly important. I was watering my plants, reorganising cupboard and still working full-time.

Then came the D-Day when hubby got his call for heart transplant. Had to close shop and drive to Sydney. Stayed there for a while and priorities changed. I survived without work. I had time for me and had time to think what I wanted out of life. My boys were around me, hovering, I was being nurtured and all I had to do was be there for hubby. I felt blessed.

Now, I am back home, working part-time, I think I have got the balance between work and home. Covid-19 did a lot of things, for me it sorted out my priority and that is my family. I still love my work but now it will be slow and steady. No six days a week. 

Stay safe guys. Nothing like love ones around you. I will practice social distancing as I want to keep those that I love safe and healthy. 


Posted on December 4, 2016 at 1:14 AM Comments comments (267)
I finally learnt how to get rid of unwanted posts

Also I finally sorted out my website. I think I have got everything. If I am missing something put a comment and I will try to fix it.

I have now officially left Mackay and am in Canberra. For my patients in Mackay, I am offering Skype sessions but unfortunately they are not covered by medicare. 

I miss Mackay, I never thought I would say that. 

What's going on!!!!

Posted on June 29, 2016 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (334)
I must have confused people that I work in Canberra and Mackay. Well... Its true, I work one week in Mackay and the next in Canberra. Why am I doing this?  Well I have to get to Canberra for family reasons and I am building my Canberra clinics and winding my Mackay clinics. I expect the transition to take 3-months, but things don's always go to plan. So stay posted!!!!

Resignation from BEAT

Posted on August 26, 2013 at 12:44 AM Comments comments (477)
I resigned from BEAT on 2 August 2013. My last day is 30 August 2013. My Team farewell is us all cooking and eating together. I will miss that. Not to mention all the morning teas. BEAT was were I learnt the ropes. What I turn out to be is a credit to MY TEAM and MY SUPERVISOR (Cathy O'Brien)

What is Ramadan?

Posted on July 14, 2013 at 12:13 AM Comments comments (110)
Ramadan is a yearly event in the Muslim calender where we fast between daylight hours, which means we do not eat or drink between sunrise and sunset. The fasting is a way to understand the effects of hunger and thirst so that we can empathise with the less fortunate. It is also the month where we concentrate a bit more on spiritual sides of things, reflect on the way we live. This is the month where we also donate 2.4% of our savings with the less fortunates. In Islam, we are told that God will take an inventory from us of our access spending, so a lot of Muslims buy their cars, clothes jewellery this month .......... as we are exempted. There is a feast at the end of the fasting month and this year it is on the sighting of the new moon in August. May God keep us all under his wing.